From the Sydney Mornning Herald: Australian funeral directors have demanded an exemption from the government's proposed ban on $10,000 cash payments, claiming the policy could hit grieving people "at the lowest point in their lives".  The Australian Funeral Directors Association sent answers to questions from the Senate economics committee reviewing the laws this week, claiming some funeral directors receive up to 20 per cent of their payments for funerals in cash, while about 6 per cent of funerals costing over $10,000 are paid this way.

The funeral sector is one of a number of business groups, including travel operators, to object to the black economy taskforce measure, which is designed to curb lost tax dollars by stopping businesses from accepting or customers from paying cash of $10,000 or more.

The legislation has made its way to the Senate but is being reviewed by the economics legislation committee. Another public hearing has been scheduled for January 30 before the committee reports on February 7.