3D artist Tomek Michalski envisioned a new approach to cemeteries, with a style that differs from that offered by popular urban necropolises. The "Forest Memorial" includes the creation of a simple ashes bar whose design is comparable to the surrounding natural environment. The form is designed to blend into the forest; a space full of mature, rustling trees and dense bushes.


He  imagined the monument as a tall cuboid on the outside, clad with dark wood, fired with the shugiban technique with no different monuments, concrete, or artificial plantings and numerous fences. in the interior, a place for urns is made in a memory wall of light-colored wood and an openwork vault provides access to natural light. this will make the interior of the monolith, despite not having any symbolism, take on a warm character

Each fragment of the concept emphasizes the relationship between humans and earth. the idea fits both the atheistic concept and can also be adapted to the burial in accordance with the christian tradition. forest memorial aims to create a minimalist, ascetic burial place, with the aesthetics inspired by nature and that will last beyond the trends in sepulchral art. tomek believes that placing a memorial wall in a forest unspoiled by civilization is not only a tribute to the dead, but it also provides visitors with a place for reflection, a place to be in silence and solitude.