CCANSW sponsors OpusXenta and Florence Jaquet Landscape Architect invite you to a "Conversation with Florence". 

Webinar Oct 01 2020Award-winning and practising landscape architect Florence Jaquet specialises in Cemetery Design and Planning. With a special interest in Natural Burials, Children Sections, Multiculturalism, Water Sensitive Urban Design and Environmental Sustainability, she’s been responsible for more than 70 cemetery projects, both here and overseas.
Join us for a 45 minute discussion (30 minutes of conversation + 15 minutes for Q&A).

Established in 2008, Florence Jaquet Landscape Architect offers personal service and an individual response to clients’ requirements.

The Practice is invFlorence JaquetFlorence Jaquetolved in various aspects of landscape architecture, particularly masterplan, site planning, landscape design and urban design. Special interests include campus and open space planning, cemetery planning and design, urban lighting and water sensitive urban design (WSUD). The Practice has a depth of experience in multi-disciplinary projects – for example, at the planning stage, with archaeological and environmental consultants – at the design stage, with architects, lighting designers, and artists – at documentation stage, with engineers and cost consultants.

With over 25 years experience, Florence has built a reputation for thorough analysis and creative design.


DATES: 1st Oct 2020 at 10:30am

Presenter: John Haley

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