Thinking of new products and services is the best part of my everyday! In trying to make these simple, affordable memorials more readily available for the consumer I stumbled onto the thought of a voucher.

A Dearly Gift Voucher is virtual and is for the person you love who is incredibly sad at the death of a loved one. They have flowers and food and visitors surrounding them and you would like to provide something as well, something different, something incredibly personal that will have meaning and last forever.

Image suppliedA Dearly Gift Voucher is provided for those you love, those that need a memorial and those that are missing a loved one. It’s a gift, like leaving the lasagne on the door step, like giving them a silent hug, it can be given straight away or years later to let them know you are thinking of them and hope to understand their pain and loss.

No words can make them feel better during their grief; so for something different another option now is the Dearly Gift Voucher.

There are a selection of products from engraved flower pots, simple plaques to natural stone memorials. All are ready to go and just need an inscription and address for delivery. Nothing is hard, it’s a simple process with long lasting memorialisation and a unique thoughtful touch from a friend.

Your virtual gift voucher recipient will receive an email with redeemable credit for the product you specify, all they need to do is create their words and add a delivery address.

Next time you are thinking of something special to do for a friend that is sad have a look at the Dearly Gift Voucher.

And there it is, a new product for Dearly Plaques & Memorials, the best part of my day is thinking of new ideas for these simple, affordable memorials to be more readily available for the consumer. I love that I can provide a memorial and very special service for someone going through incredible grief.


Sally Kennedy, Dearly Plaques & MemorialsSally Kennedy, Dearly Plaques & Memorials