Dearly Plaques & Memorials has released some new products:


Dearly Tripod Sign

A secure steel sign, with tripod legs that can be pushed into the ground.

The sign can be customised to suit your requirements,

  • EXIT,
  • STAFF ONLY ...

The sign is made from aluminium, powder coated to your colour requirements with unlimited engraving.


 Permanent Dearly Memorial

 We have found that the plaques add a modern look to the older part of our cemetery.

We love the designs that can be added to give a personal touch.

There has been no rust or fade to the plaques for the years since we discovered Dearly Plaques and Memorials .

Our cemetery is watered with recycled water and faces the harsh climatic elements of North West Victoria.

Thank you

We love your work


Michelle Kirk
Kell Funerals
St Arnaud Cemetery





Dearly Mausoleum RESERVE Marker

Mausoleums have the Dearly RESERVE markers on their crypts allowing new clients and families to easily pre-purchase a location that is available. Sleek, stylish and individualised.

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