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Improve your Cemetery’s Operations with Online Record Keeping and Mapping

Every day small cemeteries face new challenges. With demands coming from government regulation, the increasing prevalence of natural disasters, and the ever growing demands on cemetery staff and volunteers, the need for an online, secure, easy to use, records management system for your cemetery has never been more critical.

 Competing demands for time and resources mean many smaller cemeteries often struggle with inefficient and out-dated record keeping processes that don’t meet today’s needs.

 If what you need is a simple to use yet effective mapping and record management solution that will:

  • Help you manage your cemeteries records securely and with easy access in the cloud
  • Ensure compliance with record keeping legislation
  • Provide the public with the ability to search your records and use the maps to find the location in your cemetery
  • Track your inventory status
  • Visually map all of your memorial locations, including graves, mausolea and ash placements, as well as your cemetery’s points of interest
  • Use your mapping to show your inventory availability and make it easy for the public to navigate their way to burial or memorial locations.

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