Bubble man guidelinesIndustry guidelines developed and adopted by the CCANSW have recently been reviewed and updated.  The documents are available to CCANSW members in the document store of the Members Only website.

The reviewed guidelines are

  • Disposition of pathological samples in NSW
  • Floral and Ornamentation Guidelines
  • Guidelines for Metals and Cremation
  • Planning an exhumation guidelines
  • Services in Cemeteries and Crematoria in NSW
  • Above ground interment guidelines
  • Bushfire Emergency Plan
  • Caskets, coffins and other receptacles guidelines
  • Guidelines for reduced depth graves

Members and their delegates should have received notification about the availability of the documents. If you are a member or a representative of a member and have not received notification, or have difficulty accessing the members area and guidelines,  please contact the Secretary or yours truly so we can assist. Alternatively log in and go to the Members Only site to access the documents.

If you are not a CCANSW member and are interested in these matters, click here to find out more about CCANSW membership.