Those of a certain age who, back in the late 60s & 70s,  favoured   midnight movies that were so bad they were good may remember Divine ; Pink Flamingos and Multiple Maniacs spring to mind. It is therefore interesting to read the Baltimore Fishbowl's report that the carers of Divine's grave have taken steps to restore his headstone and are making attempts to remind his fans, friends and foes "“Writing on or defacing a gravestone is illegal under Maryland law. Items left will be removed at the cemetery’s discretion."

Divines Headstone Photo credit Jenny Campbell for roadsideamericaDivines "decorated" Headstone - Photo credit Jenny Campbell for roadsideamerica In the past, it has been common to find the praying hands on the gravestone painted with fingernail polish, or to see the marker smeared with messages that appear to be insulting, such as: “Tracy Turnblad is a Whore;” “Trash Royalty;” and “The Filthiest Person Alive.”

But those who visit Harris Glenn Milstead’s grave in Towson this summer will find something new: A sign with a message just for them:

Divines grave marker


John Waters, the film maker who worked with Divine,  admits that he brings gifts to leave at Divine’s grave when he visits, and he looks to see what others bring.

“Every time I go I see different little things that are left,” he said. “People leave makeup. People leave dresses. I’ve seen shoes. I’ve seen lots of little offerings…It’s very respectful.”

Waters said the words that people wrote in the past have tended to be lines from his movies, and fans of Divine recognize that. But to people who were visiting another grave and weren’t familiar with his movies, he said, they could be taken the wrong way.

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