The saying “Just bury me in a cardboard box” is commonly heard, especially when pre-arranging a funeral. Most of us just don’t want any fuss. Well now, these requests can be acknowledged and carried out in a dignified way. A New Zealand business, Outside the Box Caskets,  is set to market a 100% natural and sustainable coffin this month.

The founder of Outside the Box Caskets, Becs Bartells, says they have designed a casket that’s so much more than a cardboard box.

Becs Bartells croppedCutting down trees which take 28-30 years to grow to make caskets which are going to be buried or cremated doesn’t make a lot of sense.

With our fast growing environmental awareness of our impact on the earth, Outside the Box Caskets offers an environmentally friendly solution to the traditional casket.

Outside The Box Caskets have been designed with the environment in mind. The casket market is dominated by MDF and caskets tend to all look the same. We wanted to do something materially and aesthetically different and design a unique casket that meets the objectives of sustainability and quality.

While there are other cardboard caskets on the market, many use a MDF or ply base, use bleached or waxed cardboard and contain metal and plastic parts, which make them unsuitable for a green burial. We don’t have any plastic or metal parts. Just a rigid laminated cardboard base and handles that are made from unbleached Jute, a 100% natural and sustainable material.

Our materials are a combination of renewable and natural materials and post-consumer waste, using responsibly sourced, sustainable virgin and recycled paper. Our Kraft fibres utilise grades of wood not suitable for timber milling that would otherwise be left to rot, reducing wood wastage in the forest.

Outside theBox Cardboard Coffin Casket2

Outside the Box Caskets sells directly to funeral directors. Click here for details.

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