The NSW Government has launched a bold new 20-year strategy to secure the state’s water resources. The focus is on ensuring water security for NSW communities, industries and environment to thrive, now and into the future. This strategy will guide how we respond to a changing climate and increased demand for water. It includes planning for new supply options such as stormwater harvesting and recycling as well as guiding decisions on how, where and what water infrastructure investments are made.  

In the next 12 months, we’ll refocus our efforts on water conservation and leakage reduction in our cities, towns and regional centres, and deliver a state-wide water efficiency framework.  

We're also investigating and investing in supply options including stormwater harvesting and water re-use, and looking at developing a consistent approach to water restrictions. The NSW Water Strategy was informed by community and stakeholder feedback and the ‘what we heard’ report is available here.  

The strategy is accompanied by an implementation plan which charts the immediate steps we will be taking towards delivering our long-term goals.  The department will publicly report progress against the implementation plan and update it annually. 

Read the final strategy and implementation plan on our website. 

SOURCE - Planning, Industry & Environment, NSW