Memoria, based in Bicester, has been on a mission to seek out greener alternatives according to a number of news reports. The firm’s first electric cremator - which is said to be the first in the UK on a green tariff - is located at the North Oxfordshire Crematorium and Memorial Park near Tackley.

 Now, it has committed to two more electric cremators at its sites in Kent and Doncaster, bringing the total to three.

The plans include heating chapels from the energy produced by the cremation process. 

Director Jamieson Hodgson says the move paves the way for the whole cremation industry to make significant environmental progress.

He said: “Since the beginning of time, mankind has chosen to either bury or cremate their loved ones. However, we need to change the cremation process to ensure we can meet our environmental obligations. 

“By using heat from the cremation process to heat buildings and any excesses, it’s possible to make crematoria carbon neutral. That is something we should be aiming to achieve."

Mr Hodgson is quoted: “Crematoria have improved their environmental credentials significantly over the past 10 years with the introduction of mercury abatement. 

“But there is still a fairly major carbon footprint created by gas cremators. Electric cremators, in our eyes, present a very carbon neutral way of moving forward.

“When our North Oxfordshire facility opened it was the first new-age electric cremator in the UK and we are very proud to have been the first operator to bring this innovation to the market."

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Electric Cremators


Electric cremators are manufactured both in the Netherlands and in Germany where they have been installed in a number of crematoriums across Europe. There is emerging recognition that the technology can transform the cremation industry and move forward with the green revolution.

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