@ABCnews asks "Would you pay $1,100 to be to buried in a koala habitat if it meant it would help protect the species?"

In an article on its website the ABC (AU) writes a Brisbane business is looking to buy land adjacent to koala corridors to convert into forest cemeteries as a way to conserve the habitat and provide "an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional burials".


While the idea is in its infancy, Life Forest's Evan Jenkin said he had already received positive feedback from council and the community.

"What can you do in a forest that doesn't disturb koalas and will actually pay for the forest to be built and for it to be protected?" Mr Jenkin told ABC Radio Brisbane.

How would it work?

People would be buried under "memory trees" with marked graves with small, low headstones or with nothing more than the site's GPS coordinates.

Mr Jenkin said once land was purchased, forests and the cemetery would be cared for and infrastructure like water suppression system would be in place to protect against fires.


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  • A Brisbane business wants to convert land adjacent to koala corridors into forest cemeteries to provide habitat for koalas
  • Life Forest's Evan Jenkin said privately-owned sites helped to "bypasses politics" to protect the land
  • The Australian Koala Foundation has backed the idea but says management plans were needed to protect wildlife from visitors