According to a story filed by the ABC,  the Gold Coast Mayor has proposed exhuming bodies from the city's overcrowded cemeteries to then rebury them stacked on top each other — the current policy of new burial plot purchases.

Key points:

  • At least two of the Gold Coast's cemeteries are almost full, prompting council to consider solutions
  • Mayor Tom Tate has spoken to the Greek Orthodox church about exhuming a section and making it multistorey
  • More land for cemeteries, burial-at-sea, and underwater cemeteries are also being considered

The controversial suggestion was raised during a closed Gold Coast City Council meeting where civic leaders were trying to address the problem of land shortage.

There are eight council-operated cemeteries on the Gold Coast and the city's oldest, Southport Lawn, is almost full. A local funeral director said he expects the cemetery to be full within two years.

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