You may be aware the NSW Government has announced that Level 1 water restrictions came into effect 1 June 2019.  Water restrictions target outdoor water use and will apply to everyone, residential and industry.

Exemptions are available for businesses and industries that rely on outdoor water use for critical activities as part of their business. If you require an exemption from water restrictions you will need to apply online.

Exclusions include sources of water that aren’t restricted (i.e. bore water) or uses of water for which there is no practical alternative. You don’t need to apply for a permit to do the things that are listed as exclusions.  

There will be a three-month grace period to give everyone time to adjust. After the grace period and where appropriate, we will take action against deliberate breaches of restriction rules, which may include issuing infringement notices in some circumstances.

Consultation with businesses: Earlier this year we heard from a range of industries about how potential restrictions, exclusions and exemptions would impact them. This highly valuable feedback was considered when finalising the restrictions, exemptions and exclusions that are now in place. We thank everyone that contributed their feedback.

Find more information on the restrictions online or refer to the attached fact sheet. For any other questions, please call us on 13 20 92, or reply to this email.

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