nankeen kestrel 200A group of silent overseers is keeping watch above the Waverley cemetery, according to Caitlin Wheeler writing in the SMH.

Situated high on a cliff-top, the 137-year old graveyard overlooks the ocean between Bronte and Clovelly beaches in Sydney's eastern suburbs. In the cemetery, amongst the white-marbled gravestones decorated with Victorian and Edwardian monuments, one can easily feel alone. But visitors to the cemetery are under the close watch of a higher presence with a corporeal purpose. 

 Waverley cemetery is home to some of Australia's most fascinating birds of prey. Some are capable of flight speeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour, yet once they pinpoint a target – as small as a matchbox – they can effortlessly maintain a position, before dropping, and performing a final swoop.

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