For cemetery administrators, the 'workplace' can be more than a century old, and this comes with problems that you may know too well – cemetery mapping challenges.

Most cemetery mapping problems stem from the existing diagrams and records being poorly maintained or damaged. These inaccuracies tend to propagate unless the management process is overhauled.

Problems mostly result from  compounded historic inaccuracies. Administrators waste time making sense of scribbles and scratchy shapes on old paper records and diagrams. Perhaps the move to excel is helping, but it also adds a false feeling of safety too. And we haven't even discussed the differences in plot IDs between diagrams and ledgers.

Fortunately, the industry in Australia has evolved to offer reliable solutions for these problems. By working with an experienced local team, a cemetery can have their records transformed into an accurate online platform for records management and public sharing.

We have analysed six of the most common cemetery mapping problems and proposed tips to help for each. See what tips you can implement from the full article  here and embedded below.

 Fajar Ardiansyah

Social Media & Community Coordinator | Chronicle

cemetery mappting problems

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