Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW (CCNSW), not to be confused with Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW (CCANSW), is  seeking public expertise on NSW burial and cremation services.

Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW is seeking members of the public who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about burial and cremation services and would like to contribute to a high-level NSW Government advisory group on interment issues.

Interment is the management of deceased human remains, which commonly are buried or cremated. Close partnerships with the public helps Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW to understand the wide range of needs for respectful, affordable and sustainable interment services in NSW.

To represent the diversity within NSW, we are looking for a broad cross-section of people from a range of cultural, faith and non-faith backgrounds, and those with consumer and environmental perspectives.

Private individuals are welcome to apply, as are representatives of community and consumer groups.

Community service providers with similar interests are also welcome to apply. This includes funeral celebrants, not-for-profit funeral organisations, ageing and welfare services, and small suppliers of environmentally-conscious interment methods.

Applicants must be NSW residents and committed to attending quarterly meetings in Parramatta and Sydney CBD from late 2019.

For more information and details about how to apply

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