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CIS Seminar- Digital Technologies for the Future Cemetery

Web Conferencing (Webinars)
2021-08-17 11:30 - 12:30

In the public imagination, cemeteries and digital technologies are an uncomfortable match. Cemeteries are associated with tradition, solemnity and the past, while digital technologies are associated with disruption, noise and the future. But our mourning and commemorating practices have become increasingly digital and internet-based, and our cemeteries face increasing pressure to justify the sprawling space that they take up in densely populated urban centres. A range of digital technologies now exist to augment the experience of visiting a cemetery, but ideas about what constitutes appropriate and respectful design for cemeteries are highly varied.

This talk will present several studies from The Future Cemetery project by the DeathTech research team. It will introduce the major challenges that cemeteries face in the 21st century, describe a typology of cemetery technologies that exist around the world, summarise Australian public attitudes to cemetery technologies (and other contentious issues of cemetery usage), and illustrate future cemetery scenarios that will be explored in later research.

Biography: Fraser Allison is a Research Fellow with the Human-Computer Interaction group at the School of Computing and Information Systems, and a member of the DeathTech Research Team. His two primary research projects in 2021 are the "The Future Cemetery" (funded by the Australian Research Council Linkage Project LP180100757) and "From Pockets to Cockpits: The Cultural Context of Digital Flight Assistants" (funded by the Centre for AI and Digital Ethics). His areas of focus include memorial technologies, game design, and voice interaction design.

This seminar is part of the School of Computing and Information Systems' regular public seminar series.


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  • 2021-08-17 11:30 - 12:30

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