The Office of Australian War Graves has grants available (up to $450 per position) for memorials to be placed onto the unmarked grave of a WW1 Soldier.

See Office of Australian War Graves website for details.

"The debt of honour owed to those who gave their lives in the service of their country can never be repaid but we demonstrate our gratitude and honour the sacrifice in our cemeteries in Australia and overseas. The Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) is providing funding assistance to mark currently unmarked graves in Australia of veterans of the First World War." Office of Australian War GravesWar Graves

If you are interested Dearly Projects can assist you in in the application process (all letters and application submission) and provide the option of the Dearly Plaque.

This funding ends in June 2021 and has been available for 18 months.

Please contact me via email if you would like further information or assistance in applying for these grants.

Watch a story produced by ABC about an unmarked grave in Mildura, where a soldier, Private Daniel Hodgekiss lay in an unmarked grave for 88 years before being recognised and heralded as a war hero.

 Office of Australian War Graves

The Office of Australian War Graves takes care of war cemeteries and war graves. They work in Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. They also build and look after official Australian memorials overseas.

Dearly Plaques

Dearly Plaques & Memorials is a member of the CCANSW. It provides all types of aluminium plaques and markers including cemetery memorials and plaques, personal memorials, garden stakes and markers as well as customised plaques for that unique requirement.

Originally designed as interim grave markers, the business has grown to now provide a variety of attractive markers for all types of outdoor situations. Our affordable and long term plaques can be easily ordered and placed in a garden, cemetery, golf course, winery, paddock, and even as a road side memorial.