bubble man confused teamWe have reviewed & changed the login options on the web site to try and avoid the confusion some report to be experiencing.


The Short Explanation

The LOGIN function is now only visible on those of the CCANSW's sub domains (sites) where a login may be required to access restricted content and functions. Primarily they are the Members site and the Forums

You can still access the global login page from the footer of each page (User Areas).

The Long Explanation

The CCANSW web domain is a number of distinct sites referred to as sub domains - ccansw.org.au is the primary domain, news.ccansw,org.au is a sub domain. 

A single login on the primary domain or sub domain will log you in on any domain. Technically what happens a unique "session" is established just for you when you log in. No matter which domain or sub domain you logged in on, all the other sub domains and the primary domain will recognise and accept your unique session ID for the term of your visit.

However, your browser isn't aware of that. So, 

  1. you logged in at https://ccansw.org.au and saved your password in your web browser
  2. you now have privileged access across all sub domains.
  3. you complete the session and are eventually logged out
  4. you return and attempt to log in at https://members.ccansw.org.au but your browser doesn't know the password. That's because it sees the sub domain (members) as a totally different domain to the https://ccansw.org.au


As mentioned in the short explanation, the log in button is only visible on two sites now, members and forums. I hope that will limit some of the confusion.

If you do need to or want to log in on another CCANSW sub domain or the primary domain, you can use the LOGIN link in the footer of the web pages.