Today, the benefits of the digital age have managed to streamline the way Yan Yean Cemetery manages its mapping, burial search functions. A longstanding institution of Victoria, Yan Yean Cemetery has served its community for over 150 years. With more than 8500 interments, this cemetery is now able to share the history of its community with the public – simply.


It’s often taken for granted that the death care industry is unchanging. However, this is not farther from the truth.

Many are not exposed to the processes of the industry except in difficult circumstances, so much of what cemetery management entails goes unnoticed by the larger public. However, as cemeteries cater for the last event in an individual’s life, they have the responsibility of managing the records of the community.When Yan Yean Cemetery sought to improve the way the cemetery is mapped, Marisa Ricardi – current administration manager – looked to Chronicle to create a digital interactive map for the institution.

Additionally, Ricardi required the services of Chronicle to create an online cemetery search, or burial and plot search. Essentially, Yan Yean Cemetery was looking for a solution to simplify the visualising and management of their assets.Chronicle worked with Yan Yean Cemetery to create an intuitive and detailed colour-coded map for its land and burial plots. Engaging with the existing digital records of the cemetery, this new map had to be aligned with the existing data.

About Chronicle

At Chronicle, we pride ourselves on providing a service to tell the life story of the community and those individuals that have made it what it is today.

The local cemetery is where our loved ones are laid to rest. Serving as a place of memory, history, and, ultimately, peace

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By engaging together, we create a lasting, positive impact that affects our greater society. Chronicle seeks to foster engagement at the community level, allowing people to reconnect with their history by preserving of memory.

First, it meant that Chronicle undertook a survey of the cemetery, coupled with capturing high-resolution aerial imaging. As every cemetery has, or has had very different mapping and recording methods and processes, it was imperative that Chronicle and its CEO, Matt Borowski worked closely with Ricardi to maintain an accurate digital mapping system.Now, because of the digital mapping platform that has been created for Yan Yean Cemetery, Ricardi finds that viewing the status of any single burial plot can be achieved at a glance.

Ricardi and others on the management team are also able to quickly make edits to plots and their records through a uniform process. For any member of the public who wishes to find where a deceased individual is interred, the deceased search function on Yan Yean Cemetery’s online portal. For this 10-acre cemetery, its administration has been impacted positively. Plans to develop another 14 acres are underway.More information about this digitisation process can be found on Chronicle’s Case Studies page.