mt gravattThe Guardian has had a long-running series of articles in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific concepts. Recently someone asked "If two bodies are buried in the same grave 20 years apart, what measures are taken to prevent the first coffin from collapsing under the weight of the second?"

The answers are in the comments. The more experienced "cemeterians" among us will probably shudder or smile at most of the responses.

Here;s some examples:


First coffin made of good quality wood. Second coffin made of cardboard. Better for the environment too as it breaks down quicker. If they were close enough in life to be buried in the same grave, what's the issue with this? Bonus is that there's more inheritance as well.


Had no idea people were ever buried in same graves. Which headstone gets the priority?

At my grandmother's funeral, I remember a slightly eccentric aunt announcing rather too loudly; "There's room left in that lair for one more.". So we put her in 15 years later.