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The Tombstone Jack

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A news article about a "Tombstone Jack" to be used to lift and straighten headstones in the Constableville Rural Cemetery in New York USA caught my attention. The Cemetery  applied for and won a $4,000 grant through the Kenneth V. and Jeannette Remp Sawyer Community Fund.

A trustee on the cemetery association board is quoted in the WWNYTV news article as saying “It’s really one step in several steps we intend to take to restore the look of the cemetery so you need a push, something to get started."

He also says the biggest problem is just finding some of the plot owners because they are in charge of maintenance of their own stones and some are so old that finding next of kin can be difficult.

“Or they are such a distant relative there is not much interest in keeping up the monuments”.

It is expected each plot will take 2 to 3 hours to fix with the jack but they could use more manpower.





The Tombstone Jack

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tombstone jack

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