The Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of New South Wales encourages its generous sponsors to promote their business, products and services on the CCANSW websites. Here's a few tips and pointers about how the Association helps its sponsors get their message out:


All sponsors are acknowledged on nearly every page across the CCANSW domain and sub domains, either in a block graphic on the page footer or in an image slider. The block images are prepared and maintained by the CCANSW website administrators.


Some pages feature sliding banners across the top of the page. The banner is reproduced below:

Sponsor's may contribute their own images and overlayed captions from which we will prepare the banner  slide. Images for banner should be in the format of a wide aspect as shown above. The number of banner slides a sponsor may run is determined by the sponsorship level.

Block Promotions

On  the subdomains (news, directory etc) block promotions appear at the top left  hand side column on large desktop screen and at the top of small device screens. Blocks consist of a series of sliding promotional slides. 

Block promotions are also displayed (duplicated) in the weekly CCANSW news letter

Detailed information about Block Promotions is here.

News Site: A Word From Sponsors

If you have something more substantial to promote or announce, the CCANSW  welcomes full articles to be published on the news website under the "A Word From our sponsors". Articles generally take the form of news or media releases.

Sponsors are invited to create their own topical content that will help to promote their business, their products, services etc. to  the CCANSW website members, users and visitors.

Content should be delivered in an editable text document (word processor). It may be emailed, along with photos and any other image files, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - be sure to include a title.

Alternatively, those who are comfortable using an online WYSIWYG editor  may create their own content online;

Articles published are shared with the CCANSW's many social media connections and will be highlighted in the first newsletter issue after publication.

Business Directory

Sponsors  business directory listings provide multi media content options (text, images, videos, audio etc). When new content is added to a listing draw our attention to it with a media release to be published in "A word from our sponsors"/


 If you have questions, or are not sure how to proceed or perhaps need some guidance, please don't hesitate to contact me. If you don't have our contact email address, use the contact form.