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Welsh + Major along with Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects  designed recent upgrades to the 140-year-old Castle Hill Cemetery, located on the land of the Bidjigal people in Dharug country. The Cemetery is managed by The Hills Shire, a CCANSW member.

The $3.78 million makeover included enhancing the amenity of the site, as well as increasing the burial capacity with more than 2000 new spaces for ash burials and a further 300 for lawn burials.

Since its founding in 1838, The Green-Wood Cemetery has been a place for connecting with nature as one of New York City’s first, large green spaces and an early inspiration for the creation of the city’s public parks. Nearly two centuries later, the 478-acre Cemetery has instituted new ways for its visitors, and particularly school-aged children, to engage with the natural environment.

You've likely seen grief expressed in countless different ways in your work. Of course, every person is different and our responses to a passing are as individual as we are. Yet in each case, it's an honour to support a family and their friends within those crucial days after a death, and through the burial, cremation or interment of ashes. It's meaningful work that adds deep and lasting value to our communities. Burials and cremations are steeped in tradition, yet families are increasingly looking for complementary, modern ways to memorialise their loved ones. Memories is the world's favourite place to remember a loved one, and today we support families through 1 in 4 deaths in Australia. Our research shows that online memorials help people to process their grief in a range of ways.

The 2022 Annual General Meeting was held on 3 November at the CCANSW Conference in beautiful Coffs Harbour. 

At the AGM, the outcome of the election was announced, with Andrew Fraser, Martin Forrester-Reid and Nadine Phipps being re-elected to the Board. 

In addition, the CCANSW Board appointed Jane Ree from Port Macquarie Hastings Council as an independent Director. 

CCASA President, Arun Ramchand, with support from the CCASA Executive,  announced a new Life Member Award be presented to Mr Robert Pitt in recognition for his long term contribution within the cemetery industry.  Mr Ramchand announced and congratulated Mr Pitt for being nominated and awarded life membership of CCASA.  

Advice from the Office Australian War Graves (OAWG)  and OpusXenta on how to commemorate veterans, identifying official OAWG commemorations, and how they're maintained.

For many cemeteries, Remembrance Day is a day of increased visitation, not just by families of veterans but for communities seeking to recognise those who have served and died in times of war, or of causes related to their war service. These visits will often prompt questions about how veterans are commemorated, when and by who. Visitors to cemeteries may also notice damage to a grave marker and bring that to the attention of cemetery staff. This blog post will hopefully assist cemeteries and their visitors to answer some of these questions.

The Cremation Society has published its monthly news review for October 2022. It is available now on this link.

The Cremation Society will also have two publications  available in the coming weeks - the winter issue of our journal Pharos International, and our annual Directory of Crematoria. Both are available to purchase via the Society's website - they are both excellent resources for anyone working in the cremation sector.




The Plotbox October 2022 Deathcare Management Digest includes topics about how raising your cemetery’s profile provides an opportunity to connect with your community in new and meaningful way, discussion with Sara Tomilin, Assistant Executive Director of Forest Home Cemetery and Arboretum, who shared ideas, insights and inspiration on how they’re using their space and rich history to establish a stronger connection with their community, and more.

Christmas is approaching and a lot of our families will not have organised, or are waiting on a memorial for their loved ones grave.

A Dearly interim memorial can be delivered in time for Christmas for your families. Who will visit the grave side to remember at Christmas, but there will be no memorial to mark the final place for their person.

The CCANSW 2022 Regional Conference is only one week away! Will you be joining your industry colleagues in the beautiful Coffs Harbour from 2 to 4 November?

Join us as we cover the latest developments, best practices and solutions in:

  • Monument safety
  • Preparing a Reconciliation Action Plan for your organisation
  • Developing resilience in your organisation
  • Interment Industry Scheme
  • Estate Law and the Succession Act
  • Transfer of interment rights
  • Connecting with your customers, and more!