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November 30, 2021

Dearly Plaques & Memorials | Unmarked Christmas Graves

Death is not planned. Christmas is approaching and a lot of our families will not have organised or are waiting on a memorial for their loved ones grave. A Dearly…
November 26, 2021

NSW Euthanasia Bill Passes Lower House

The voluntary assisted dying bill successfully passed the lower house of parliament, with 52 MPs in favour and 32 against. Both Premier Dominic Perrottet and Opposition Leader Chris Minns were in the…
November 26, 2021

Wellington (NSW) Pioneer Cemetery flooded

The ABC News website reports that when the Bell River at Wellington peaked at 6.28 meters on Saturday morning it flooded the Wellington Pioneer Cemetery. Local residents are calling for…
November 26, 2021

NSW announces easing of Covid restrictions

The NSW Government has announced restrictions will ease further when NSW reaches 95% double vaccination or on 15 December 2021, whichever comes first. Find out about how NSW will be opening…
November 14, 2021

Recent social media posts shared and read

General news about Australian & New Zealand cemeteries has been minimal over the last week, but here's a few items that caught our eye on social media:
November 14, 2021

Necropolis Now: crunch time for Catholic cemetery bid

Callum Foote has posted another article on Michael West Media  about the OneCrown proposal: "An issue that concerns our eternal rest has generated plenty of living passions, and the NSW…
November 14, 2021

NSW Healthshare | Tender for Burial and Cremation of Deceased Persons without means

NSW Healthshare has a Proposed Request for Tender Notice has been published for the planned HSSP_HC21_C623 – Burial and Cremation of Deceased Persons without Means tender/contract renewal.
November 09, 2021

ACCC | Bare Cremation pays penalty for allegedly misleading consumers on pricing

Funeral services provider Bare Funeral Group Pty Ltd, trading as Bare Cremation, has paid a penalty of $13,320 after the ACCC issued it with an infringement notice for allegedly making…
November 06, 2021

OpusXenta Video | Unseen Risks in Cemeteries, Crematoria, and Funeral Homes

October is National Safe Work Month, a time to commit to providing safe and healthy workplaces for all Australians. Cemeteries, crematoria and funeral homes can present some unique, unseen hazards…
November 05, 2021

NSW Government review to ensure best practice in grants administration

The NSW Government will conduct a review into the administration of grants programs in NSW to ensure that public money is spent fairly, effectively, and transparently. The review will also…
November 05, 2021

4 Dangers of Using Outdated or Unsupported Cemetery Software...and How to Avoid Them

Certain things get better with age: wine, whiskey, cheese and pickles. Computers and computer programs are not one of those things!
November 02, 2021

Catholic Cemeteries Trust threatens critics with legal action

Last week we linked a couple of opinion articles that were critical of the stoush over the control of Sydney's Crown Land cemeteries. Michael West Media (MWM) reports a PR…
November 01, 2021

Australian company directors now required to create digital ID

Australian Company directors will now be required to create an identification number through myGovID that stays with them for life as the government moves to crack down on illegal phoenixing. 
October 31, 2021

Graves discovered under Sydney's Central Station

A 181-year-old burial vault has been uncovered underneath Sydney's Central Station. The discovery comes during the excavations for the new metro platforms at the site.
October 31, 2021

History of the Devonshire Street Cemetery

Following news that that there is a search underway for the descendants of two colonial Sydney families after a 181-year-old burial vault was discovered at Central Station, Michael McClaren is joined Elise…
October 31, 2021

The “Catholic Cabinet”: Perrottet’s $5bn cemeteries bid dwarfs Gladys’ gun club frolic

Michael West Media (MWM) reports Dominic Perrottet’s five-man “Catholic Cabinet” rushed through a deal to deliver control of Sydney’s cemeteries, ergo $5bn in capital, to the Catholic Church, in defiance…
October 23, 2021

Seen and Shared on Twitter

Here's a few of the tweets we found interesting:
October 23, 2021

Vacancy: Toowoomba, QLD, Coordinator Regional Cemeteries

Toowoomba Council in Queensland has advised it is seeking a Coordinator Regional for its Cemeteries. Applications close on 3rd November 2021.
October 19, 2021

The Catholic Weekly | "The Ministers war on graves"

The Catholic Weekly writes "Catholic cemetery operators have accused NSW Property Minister, Melinda Pavey of leading an ongoing war on religious groups by continuing her push for faith-based groups to…

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