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October 15, 2019

Vale Henry Keizer, aged 58 years

We are advised of the death of Henry Keizer, the former chairman of the Dutch political party VVD and partner in funeral company De Facultatieve.  Henry Keizers died after a…
October 12, 2019

Interview with Professor Hilary Grainger

in People

Professor Hillary Grainger is the current chair of the Cremation Society's Council. Recently I stumbled across an interview with her, the byline of which caught my eye; "The architectural historian…
October 11, 2019

The Female Factor

in People

Does a founder’s gender shape the evolution of a startup company? Hawaii Business interviewed three female founders, including one whose company makes eco coffins,to reflect on how being a woman…
October 11, 2019

Queensland death-care industry pushes for better standards

The Catholic Leader (AU) reports a senior death-care industry professional saying Queensland’s laws are “failing dismally” to protect bereaved families, while putting the health of industry workers at risk.
October 09, 2019

Sydney Water Focus Group - Nurseries and Landscaping

As Sydney prepares to enter the next level of water restrictions, Sydney Water wants to engage with its clients, such as nurseries and landscaping, representatives.
October 07, 2019

24th Oct 2019: Living & Dying. Let's Talk (Gisborne, Vic, AU)

Living & Dying. Let's Talk is an event hosted by Geelong Cemeteries Trust. This event is the second of FOUR to be held the communities of the Bellarine Peninsula, Macedon…
October 04, 2019

Canberra government announces crematorium at Gungahlin Cemetery

The ACT's City Services Minister Chris Steel has announced plans to open Canberra's first publicly operated crematorium at the Gungahlin Cemetery.
October 04, 2019

Penn Forest Natural Burial Park (USA) to run coffin-building classes

Penn Forest Naural Burial Park, the first and only green cemetery in Pennsylvania, will teach coffin-making to DIYers..  As a bonus the design of the coffins will let them function…
October 03, 2019

European Catholic bishops concerned about the rise of ‘nature burials’

Burial practices among Catholics are rapidly changing in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, prompting Catholic church leaders in those countries to formally address the issue, according to an article in the…
October 03, 2019

Documentary: Sons of the Graveyard

Iraq’s Wadi Al-Salam Cemetery in Najaf is the world’s largest and oldest graveyard. Millions of people are buried there, mostly Shia Muslims. In recent years, the number of funerals has…
October 01, 2019

Burnie Council presented with petition about green burial

Burnie City Council in Tasmania has been petitioned by 142 sigantories  calling for information about natural burial to be on the council website.
October 01, 2019

Micra Transcatheter Pacing System and their removal prior to cremation

This article has been updated to include links  to advice on pacemakers and their removal  (see bottom of article)
October 01, 2019

FREE WEBINAR - resolving conflict in the planning system

Locale Consulting has announced a free webinar titled "resolving conflict in the planning system"
October 01, 2019

"Burial Belt" among the trees proposed.

An article in The Conversation says "there’s a lack of new cemetery space in parts of Australia but we could solve that problem by burying the dead among newly planted vegetation belts…
September 28, 2019

Death By Design

ArchitectureAU has a "long read" article about cemeteries and crematoriums. "The funerary landscapes of Australia were shaped by nineteenth-century ideas transplanted from London, with little innovation in the intervening years.…
September 24, 2019

Posthumous Identity Theft

I have observed many times over the last ten or more years that we Australians seem just too relaxed about our online and digital privacy. We have little to no…


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